What is it?

At Spark Wholesale we recognize the huge opportunities out there in the exciting world of M2M!

The Developer's Program is a way for developers to start M2M projects on the Spark mobile network without the hassle of dynamic IP addressing or malicious internet traffic.
Developers will get a set of Spark SIMs and are given access to a variety of 3G data and modem/router equipment to assist with developing M2M applications on the mobile network.

If you are dealing with data logging, remote administration, location tracking, need access to systems on vehicles or in locations where wired connections are undesirable or have another creative idea for data on the Spark mobile network, we'd love to hear from you!

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How to get started

Register here to get access to the offerings available and take the next step to joining the network.

To learn more about the program and the network behind it, click the About Page.